The Melinda behind Melinda in Dayton wears many hats and has quite a collection of hats she no longer dons. From a super rural hometown, she came to the mid-sized city of Dayton to attend college. Since then, she’s graduated a few times and has done everything from the radio thing to the stay-at-home-mom thing to the college professor thing to the lawyer thing.

But, she always comes back to the writing thing and the hope that one day, she’d have a place to collect thoughts, ideas, tips and other information that might encourage, embolden and inspire those who take the time to visit. She has met so many wonderful people throughout her years on the planet whose input has resulted in positive changes in her daily life. This teeny spot on the web serves as a jumping off point to share what’s beautiful, bountiful and brilliant about just being alive.


Welcome to the spot where all that fancy stuff will be happening–feel free to jump in on the conversation, but let’s keep it polite.


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  1. shoshwrites3 says:

    Thanks for the follow! I started blog #1 after my house fire and when I finished that one (more or less), I couldn’t stop writing. Hence my soccer blog and my newest one on life as a single empty-nester. I dreaded writing when I was in grad school, but now it’s become addicting!

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