Let’s Make Smoothies!

My Daily Harvest shipment arrived yesterday & I was super excited to try it out this morning. Day One of subscription service smoothies is in the books!

My youngest was home to unload the smoothie delivery yesterday. I neglected to ask her to snap pics of what she found.

She did tell me that she brought the box in right away & that the dry ice used to keep the smoothies frozen had already disappeared. Also, she noticed the cups showed signs of having thawed a bit. It has been hot as a firecracker lately, so not unexpected.

This smoothie won the honor of representing its inaugural class of smoothies.

Because I watched a video on YouTube where someone else went through the entire process, I knew to expect a plastic covering sealing the contents under the lid. I also expected to find small cubes of product in the cup.

Given my daughter’s assessment, maybe this should have not been a surprise. I was supposed to put in my liquid of choice (I chose canned coconut milk) and blend.

I poured in my liquid, poured it into my blender and the smoothie goodies stayed firmly in the cup. It took some microwaving (which I rarely do) and running the side of the cup under hot water to free the frozen content. I hesitated to squeeze the cup too much (it wasn’t helping anyhow) because the cup is what holds the smoothie while you drink it. No sense mangling it!



I thought the contents of the cup had thawed enough to blend. And maybe if I had tried the tamper, I could have forced the issue with my Vitamix. I simply fished the frozen contents out, placed it in a 4-cup Pyrex measuring cup, and microwaved it for 15 seconds.

Once I used a butter knife to break up the now less-than-frozen-solid mass, it looked like this and my blender made quick work of it.

Now here is where my former journalist’s soul dies a little. I realized after the smoothly successfully blended in fruity, creamy goodness that this took WAY longer than 30 seconds and I was running late for work. So, I made my Ninja Coffee Bar perform its magic, filled my XL tumbler with freshly brewed black coffee, located my glass smoothie straws, poured my smoothie in the cup, put on the lid, put the lid on my coffee tumbler, rinsed out the coffee filter and my Vitamix, grabbed my phone and ran out the door.

What I did NOT do was grab a pic of the finished product. Sigh.

But I will provide that with tomorrow’s smoothie, I promise!

If you can use your imagination, you can see in your mind the gorgeously peachy colored smoothie goodness in my cup. I knew the smoothie contained mango, pineapple, acerola (this is a vitamin-c packed cherry) and papaya but my brain said PEACHES! Not sure why, but it was delicious anyhow–not disappointed in the least. And the macadamia nut provided a super nice touch. Very much enjoyed catching that undercurrent of taste and wondered why I never thought to add nuts like that to my own smoothie recipes.

So far so good! Stay tuned!

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