My Word for 2017

Everyone seems to have a word for 2017. I’m sort of still trying to dig myself out from the mess that was 2016. I feel like that year steamrolled me worse than any other in a very long time. And, if you knew me at all, that is certainly saying something.

I think, though, that I have landed on a word that would make life in 2017 more enjoyable and productive. That word is STREAMLINE.

Let’s face it, if I could create systems or organizational processes that ran like clockwork and took out the extras, my daily existence might be much less exhausting. At the very least, I may have the energy and the stamina for things I want to do–read books for pleasure, for instance–and things I should do–exercise regularly–and things I must do–work, feed the kids, do household chores.

Right now, I’m flying by the seat of my pants and that is a not-so-great feeling.

This week, I plan to try and further streamline my meal planning and food procurement process.

Not only will I plan my meals, but I will also use my local market’s shopping service (they pack my order and I simply pick up the bags of food I requested) and plan meals that utilize kitchen equipment like my pressure and slow cookers.  I am not physically or emotionally equipped to try a “cook once and eat for a month” kind of plan. I’ll do it weekly and we’ll see how I manage. Maybe, if I’m feeling particularly frisky, I will make enough meat to carry into a second recipe.

Working a full-time job in addition to my side gig takes its toll some weeks, but I am managing. I can’t help but think I wouldn’t have been selected to remain in my side gig if it weren’t going to benefit me in this new year. Aside from my daughters’ various school and extra-curricular fees, my husband’s truck is on its last leg…so that extra jingle each week may be more needed than we originally believed.

What is YOUR word for 2017?


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