Spring Hair Engaged

Even though the snow keeps making its presence known, it did not dampen my desire to sass up my hair. I can’t remember when I last had my hair handled, so it was decidedly overdue for attention. Cut and color made it onto my to-do list in advance of an event Saturday night. And I decided to go for it.

 I decided that since I have a much smaller face that a shorter cut wouldn’t necessarily make me look like I had a basketball perched on my neck.
My stylist is awesome and I am looking forward to becoming acquainted on how best to handle it.

It did make for an interesting morning when it was standing straight up when I looked in the mirror. I did find, however, that a headband made it look kind of like I did it on purpose–good to know given that my “gym hair, don’t care” attitude is usually, slap on a headband and let’s go. I cannot imagine getting up earlier than I already do to fix it just to go make it all sweaty!

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