The Shoes Make the Outfit

In this case, the shoes may very well impact my ability to perform as needed to survive an onslaught of physical stimuli [pain!] and mental exhaustion [fear!].

Has anyone done a Tough Mudder? I need a good pair of shoes. I know why they are important and thus begins my walk down Humiliation Lane.

I don’t want to talk about it, but my first experience with an obstacle course race was something called the BattleFrog. As it turns out, the particular course we were on is considered one of the hardest [who knew?!] and I’m lucky I didn’t actually die. I didn’t have a good pair of shoes in that race and it cost me dearly in everything for morale to the actual ability to remain on my feet…and to keep my shoes on my feet.

I said never again to the BattleFrog. But, my one and only sister asked me to do a Tough Mudder withe her and I couldn’t say no. She already purchased her trail shoes. I’m looking to find a good pair. I would trust the Google machine, but why not ask around too?

Of course, Tough Mudder makes some recommendations, but I don’t know anyone who owns these shoes. Given that the first recommendation on their site is the favorite pick of women who do Tough Mudders, I guess that tells you about my level of experience and success with such endeavors. The queen of all trail shoes according to female Tough Mudder participants is the Salomon Women’s Speedcross 3. I like the part of the description that deals with extra attention in the heel to cushion and support. I can always use a little extra support–especially in my aching feet.

The second one the site recommends is Merrell’s Women’s Grassbow Trail Running Shoe. I know we aren’t supposed to care about how the shoes look, but these appeal to me the most aesthetically, I think. I like the idea of the top mesh as wicking and quick drying are too qualities I will appreciate on event day. I also like the sounds of the sole–I need gripping and traction as those two things were SORELY lacking in my choice of footwear for my last experience on a trail. Ugh!

And last, but certainly not least in my mind, is the New Balance WT 610 Trail Running Shoe for women. The Tough Mudders in the know describe the tread on this shoe as “very aggressive.” Again, that’s awesome, because I certainly would appreciate something on my side treating the terrain aggressively as it certainly manhandled me the last time I engaged in this type of “fun.” I have worn New Balance for other reasons in the past and found them to be good, solid shoes. Maybe this one will have my vote?

Not sure, but I would love to hear opinions of those who have experience with any of these brands–partly because I am a careful shopper and partly because I am petrified of choosing wrong and having a bad go of the entire day. Again.

3 thoughts on “The Shoes Make the Outfit

  1. damienaj says:

    Hey, I know I am late to the party of reading your post…but I once had some New Balance trail running shoes once (I can’t remember which ones). They were alright just seemed a bit heavy and big. After reading up on what other trail runners & ocr racers were wearing I have Innov8 a shot.

    Mind you I have not put mine through the Tough Mudder ringer myself…but they are much lighter, breathe well & have good traction through trails & mud. ( I have the Roclite 243). Other models may have more support that you mentioned that you prefer. I don’t know your price range, I don’t like paying over $100 for shoes. There are some priced over that but often you can find sales which I am sure you can find. Either way everybody has their favorite, it is whatever works for them (&you)! 🙂 Good luck on your next race.

    • melindaindayton says:

      Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts. I haven’t taken the plunge shoe-wise yet [I think I’m in denial I’m doing the Tough Mudder!], but now that the weather is starting to cooperate, I’m sure I’ll be taking the plunge soon. I’m with you on shoe cost! I like shoes that are over $100, but I’ll gladly buy last year’s model for a steep discount. Thanks for the good luck wishes too–I’ll need it!

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