Turkey Trot Recap

The 37th Annual Turkey Trot is in the books. I not only survived, but I met my goals–I ran the whole time and I didn’t die. Surprisingly enough, I also managed to run the same pace I did at the first 5k of the year that I ran  in October. Also, I somehow clocked 5.07 miles on my Runkeeper during this five-mile trot. So, my pace according to Runkeeper was more impressive.

The only time I kind of stopped was at the half-way water station. That quick slowdown was not because I needed to stop becauseI couldn’t continue running, but rather because I can’t drink three swigs of water from a cup while running. I will literally choke and sputter and practically die. Don’t ask me how I know. It was a fact that has been proved. Twice.

Given that this race involved 9900 people piling into a tiny, historic downtown area, my husband was nice enough to give my race group and I a ride to within several blocks of the start. He planned to meet us after at a rally point we could easily find.

Unbeknownst to me, he walked down to the race area and then made his way to the half-way water station. He snapped several pics on his phone, shouted words of encouragement, clapped, and really showed wonderful support. Unfortunately, I didn’t see, hear or acknowledge his presence. I was well into a zone by that point. I told him that in all honesty, he probably couldn’t have run up to me and continued to run alongside me for a good quarter or half-mile before I even would have realized it. It’s the same zone that allowed me to successfully navigate through two unmedicated childbirths, so I don’t question it.

I definitely want to improve my time and I also don’t want to lose my ability to run at least five miles. If I could double my distance by spring, I might even consider doing a half marathon again. It would be a new experience to complete one for which I actually trained. I am not officially stating that as a goal, but it is a definite consideration.

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