Finish 2014 In Style

Aaaaand POOF! Just like that, summer is over and we’ve moved into the final quarter of the year. If you are like me, you started 2014 with awesome intentions. THIS would be the year where I took control of my health, started reading for pleasure again, spent more time with family, organized my entire house, etc. and so on, forever amen.


Now that we have arrived on the backside of 2014’s hill, is anyone else feeling a little under the gun? Let’s commit to a five-step plan to end 2014 with some checkmarks on our list.

 Step One: Reflect. Think about this year, but instead of feeling overwhelmed by dwelling on the pile of things you loftily proclaimed you would conquer and didn’t, change your focus. Go ahead and create the list down the left side of the page, but know that it’s okay–we will not let the list defeat us.

blogpicStep Two: Be Realistic. Look at your list. Identify those items that could not have reasonably been accomplished in twelve months, let alone the three you have remaining. Be honest. For some individuals, organizing an entire home in one year would be completely doable. For this household and the lives of those in it? Not realistic. Once you have those items pegged, draw an arrow from those items to the right side of your page.

Step Three: Be Specific. Now that you have identified the general area of concern, narrow that down to something you can reasonably accomplish. How do you decide what to do? Answer this question: What is the ONE thing I do NOT want to follow me into 2015? Once you have your answer, write it on the right side of your page.

Step Four: Calendar It. Whether you use a paper planner, a digital calendar, or an app on your phone, you have now arrived at the step in which you cement your task. Identify a day and time when you will accomplish this task you want to leave in 2014. Write the task down on that day–Do you need supplies for your task? Will you need the assistance of others to accomplish it? If it’s an outdoor task, what is a possible rain date? Spend some time outlining the task so that when the appointed day and time comes, you are set to DO IT.

Step Five: Do Your Task and Return to Your List. Once your appointed day and time come, you will complete your task and cross it off your list. If it feels as invigorating as I suspect it will, you may wish to ride that wave of enthusiasm right back to Step One and repeat the process. You could potentially leave MORE than one lingering thing behind you in 2014. It’s worth a try and I would love to hear about your progress!

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