Refusing to Take the Ditch

Screen shot 2013-09-23 at 2.36.24 PMThis weekend was rough. Not going to lie–I was off track quite a bit. I participated in a huge vendor event for two days. 14 hours total standing on concrete. No time to really sit or relax. It provided a HUGE boost to my Scentsy business, but not so great for sticking to any type of healthy plan. My friend, Amy, came to help me in my booth and brought all kinds of Paleo goodies. I ate them when I could, but went off the reservation during dinner with a friend Saturday night and had a chicken salad sandwich from the concession stand on Sunday. I’m sure everyone has their off days when they are starting to make better choices.

We did booming business this year at the event. We’ve been there since its inception–this was the event’s third year. Tons more people, loads more foot traffic and lots of repeat customers from last year made it a really fun event. Can’t wait for next year!

At any rate, this morning, I decided to have a spinach/strawberry smoothie. When I exited the highway, my smoothie cup demonstrated Newton’s law of motion and filled my lap with dark green ickiness. My beautiful car was baptized in spinach smoothie. Very gross. I had to drive home to change and clean up my car. No day at the office is a good day when it starts as late as mine did. WAY too much to do to not be there at a decent time.

Rather than remaining mired in the ickiness that is not eating like I should, I whipped up a late orangemaplechxdinner that was delicious. I skipped the rosemary in this dish and served it over cauliflower rice instead of with butternut squash.

This chicken with orange maple syrup glaze is an easy & tasty dish.


It was delish and will definitely be on the rotation.

The light over my stove gave this an odd shade, but trust me, it was rich and delicious and just the right YUM.

To make our meal planning easier, I took advice from a friend and created a google calendar where I plan out our weekly meals and include the recipes in the “details” section of the meal event. With a calendar app, I’ve easily synched our google calendars on our iPhones and even my daughter can easily see what’s on our menu & find the recipes when I ask her to start dinner.

Because of the busy weekend, I didn’t have a chance to hit the market. Will need to do that so I have fresh meat & produce in the house for the week! Never a dull moment in this house.



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  1. fitabuloustina says:

    Good luck with your Scentsy business! Keep us posted with recipes! If you are looking for a great vitamin I take Nevaeh vitamins. It is really easy to take and its a liquid that taste like a delicious cranberry grape juice. soooo YUMMY in just one oz.

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