Whole 30 — Day 30 Recap

I did it!

Whole 30 in the books.  I wish I’d measured myself. I can definitely see differences. Plus, I’m wearing clothes I haven’t in quite awhile. I lost 13 pounds which amazes me, especially because I didn’t exercise. Kicking myself on that one too because just imagine where I might be if I had!

But, I’ll take what I earned and just keep going.

If you thought I went out and ate some kind of Dairy Queen concoction, a fully loaded pizza or some other hot mess of a food stuff to celebrate, you would be wrong.

CauliflowerPoppersMy daughter and I made Cauliflower Poppers from a recipe on the Delighted Momma’s blog. We loved them and polished off the bowl I’d made in no time! Note to self: You can totally make the entire head of cauliflower and go to town. 🙂

I also had the chance this morning to put together a yummy batch of Snickerdoodle cookies using the recipe I found at Love In the Oven.

We have a huge weekend this weekend–my youngest is playing in a gigantic soccer tournament and my oldest’s school is holding it’s weekend long festival fundraiser. Both involve volunteer shifts for parents plus lots of running between venues.

One thing I hadn’t planned on? Thunderstorms! Really threw off our game schedule today, but we hope tomorrow will be better.

Whatever happens, I’m feeling better and lighter and all that good stuff and I have a ton more energy than I would have had a month ago.

If your’e on the fence about the Whole 30, go for it! Get off that fence and give it a go!

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