Whole 30 — Day 29

I’ve been juggling pins on my Pinterest boards to make them more detailed–I went from having one board called “Cleaning Up the Eating Act” to three separate boards–this original one, plus a “Whole 30” board and a “Paleo Eats & Treats” board. It will be easier to find things as I begin gathering more and more recipes to try or modify.

In revisiting some of the pins, I couldn’t shake the idea of making the Roasted Lemon Garlic Herb Shrimp dish from Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice. I knew, though, that I wouldn’t be satisfied with just shrimp [as I would usually put such a wonderful creation over pasta] and decided to use the big, beautiful head of cauliflower I’d purchased last night to make rice. I used the cauliflower rice recipe from Nom Nom Paleo [her blog is amazing!] as it gave me a good idea of what to do and what things should look like when I’m doing it.

I stuck with garlic and lemon [no herbs] and skipped the butter. I used garlic to flavor the oil in which I made the cauliflower because I wanted to shrimpdinnerkeep it simple and light with the flavors used in the shrimp matching the cauliflower. Everything came together beautifully.

Plus, my skeptical oldest daughter tried the cauliflower “rice” and was incredulous at how great it tasted.

So, an extra serving of vegetables for both of us tonight and plans to use the remainder of the cauliflower for something else awesome [mashed “faux-tatoes” perhaps?!]. Again, the Vitamix came in handy for this little excursion into ricing cauliflower.

The lemon zest used to infuse the oil the shrimp roasted in added a ton of flavor and, per usual, we loved our garlic.

This dinner truly hit the spot because I’d had it on my mind since seeing the pins.

The true test of the cauliflower substitution will be if I can make mashed faux-tatoes without my husband realizing what he is eating. I totally think I can do it, especially with the Vitamix’s ability to make things completely smooth and awesome. I could “mash” the potatoes in the Vitamix with the milk, butter and seasoning to throw him completely off track. I would make his the same as I would if I were using white potatoes because I think I’d have the best chance of success.

Barring anyone holding me down and forcing something forbidden into my face tomorrow, I should be writing about completing the Whole 30 tomorrow at this time. I’m totally stoked to continue my journey into Paleo and so thankful that I have lost enough weight that my clothes are comfortable again.

This has been a great month!

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