Whole 30 — Day 16 & 17

Day 16 in the books and I tried a new recipe. It was delicious and easy, plus it left me with a chicken breast all ready for enjoying another day. When Stupid Easy Paleo entitled this recipe with the word “easy” in it, I thought–challenge accepted! I wanted to know if it were, in fact, “easy” and if it tasted as incredible as the blog post made it sound. Easy Pan-Fried Lemon Chicken delivered! This is especially fantastic and quick if you begin with thin chicken breasts. You can slice them down to make them so, or do as I did–pick up some at the market as they were on special this week. The marinade couldn’t be easier and it truly did bump up the tenderness of the chicken and its flavor. Very yummy and definitely an alternative to baking chicken on a weeknight.

Our family attended a wedding on Day 17. I don’t know if anyone else is from the Midwest and can relate, but there are certain cupcakefoods that make an appearance at family events.

For some reason, many of the same foods that show up to celebrate weddings also take center stage when people need comforted at a funeral.

Doing a Whole 30 during the same month as a family wedding was probably poor planning on my part. These foods are “soul” foods and, although not good for me, they could be enjoyed once in awhile in a nostalgic way. Chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, corn, pulled pork, white rolls, etc. and so forth.

Luckily for me, this bride [my husband’s younger cousin] included salad with cucumbers and tomatoes on the buffet line. My daughter and husband gave me their salads and I was able to find a piece of baked chicken that could have the gravy easily removed [not ideal, I know, but let’s be serious. A woman needs to eat.] I also drank bottles of water the entire evening which was quite refreshing.

My husband, being the team player that he is, offered to eat the cupcake I would have chosen if I were eating such things. He, honestly, didn’t want to, but I made him. 1) Because I wanted to take the funny picture I knew would result and 2) because it looked delicious and if someone ate “mine” I wouldn’t be snooping around the cake table later in the evening.

The wedding reception venue was perfect and we had perfect weather which was nice as it was an outdoor affair. I also choseScreen shot 2013-08-18 at 4.48.03 PM to wear a dress my youngest daughter talked me into buying a couple weeks ago. Normally, I might not go all out with color and definitely not sleeveless, but she told me I looked nice and if she didn’t think so, she would DEFINITELY say so.

She isn’t one to spare a person’s feelings.

It’s a Land’s End dress [LOVE Land’s End] that I bought off the rack at our local Sears. I hadn’t seen it on a model before looking for it online. And, now that I have, I think I made the part above the waistline look much more interesting than the thin model did. The fit and flared skirt was flattering and I felt very comfortable in my choice of dress.

It was a nice family evening and it was so sweet to see my husband’s little cousin so happy. Nothing like a nice wedding to make everyone smile. My youngest [our tomboy] even wore a dress. Without being badgered. She even said, “I’m learning to appreciate dresses. I have two in my closet now and that’s a record.” I am pretty sure she’s right–at least for as long as she’s been dressing herself–or making known what she will or will not wear.

M2andMommyI can’t believe we’re in the homestretch of the Whole 30 already!

Also, I made the choice not to engage in familiar and wonderfully memory-laden wedding food nor did I feel bad when my husband and daughter ordered and ate pizza this afternoon.

I had the chicken breast in the fridge and some sweet potato to eat. It was good and I’m not feeling gross after eating a ton of cheese and bread–although it did smell quite good. Ha!

This coming week will be a challenge–busy Orientation Week full of welcome lunches, picnics, etc. I will need to pack my lunch carefully so I can easily blend in and still be satisfied.

It will be worth it, though.

So determined to make this Whole 30 to the last day!


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