Whole 30 — Day 15

It’s the half-way point of this Whole 30 and I’m feeling pretty motivated. I was able to stay on track at work and it was a nice, quiet day because today is some holiday on our campus.

Felt pretty snazzy all day today and although the smell of the chocolate cake layers my daughter smelled terrific, I wasn’t tempted to stuff one in my face. My huge pothole came today when I realized that although I “confirmed” my daughter’s soccer team application to a huge tournament [ I am somehow the team manager ], I neglected to click a button that says my club would be paying our fees. And, the schedule for this massive tournament posted today and we aren’t on it. Adding insult to injury? Our club which would be paying our fees is the same club that holds this tournament. Harder when you hit the ground when you fell through the cracks of your own organization.

waterNot a good feeling. But, my daughters stepped up and tried to make me feel better.

My oldest even took the SodaStream into her own hands and made me some lovely fizzy water with blueberries & raspberries.

That and some meatballs and marinara and I think I’ll be able to get some sleep tonight.

To say that I’m pleased tomorrow is Friday is the understatement of the month!

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