Whole 30 — Day 12

Today was one of the only days so far where I have felt I properly planned for an entire day of Whole 30 loveliness.

I Tessemaeboxremembered to take the baked chicken to school for lunch. I had a side order of Fuji apple with it.

For dinner, I baked a salmon filet in the oven & paired it with some roasted sweet potato. After my youngest’s soccer practice, she treated us both to a cup of mixed berries–strawberries, red raspberries and blueberries. So good!

My Tessemae’s arrived and, as promised, I made use of the Lemonette dressing. I used it on my chicken at lunch and on my salmon tonight. It did a great job of livening up the leftover chicken breast. And, it kept our salmon filet moist as it baked in the oven. Not overpowering or greasy/oily at all. Very nice and I can absolutely see why people become addicted to these dressings!

I am looking forward to breaking into the other varieties I purchased. It should make the remaining days of the Whole 30 more entertaining.

In other news, my oldest starts high school tomorrow. I am excited for her and yet, it is so bittersweet. I know the next four years will fly. And, just as she graduates and heads off to college, my youngest will begin her high school years. I still feel like a mom of young kids. I don’t feel like I have a high schooler. In fact, I never imagined having only two children. I think I zigged when I should have zagged [law school rather than a third baby] and here we are.

My youngest is having a hard time with her sister going to a different school than her this year. And, the oldest starts tomorrow while the youngest has another week. The youngest asked that I be sure she is up and ready to ride along to drop big sis off at high school tomorrow morning. It will be a whole new world for the youngest to be at a school building where her sister is not. I am sure there will be other kids in her shoes, though, and they can share their collective angst.

It’s a year of big change for our family. My boss retired and I’m now the interim director of the program I’ve worked in for the past five years. My husband is entering his 20th and potentially last year of military service. My sweet girl starts high school and my baby hit double digits and is in fifth grade.

It’s enough to drive a mom into a gallon of ice cream. BUT! Not THIS mom. I am being strong! I’ll drink my fizzy water and LIKE it!

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