Whole 30 — Day 10

It appears the answer to “So, exactly when will I be hungry for something?” is TODAY.

I enjoyed two eggs and some grapes for breakfast. I couldn’t quite bring myself to open an avocado. Without my oldest here to eat the other half, I’d feel obligated to eat more than a bit and that usually ends with unpleasant feelings inside.

I didn’t really get hungry again until dinner. We had driven past TGI Friday’s a few times that day and all I could think of was the Bruschetta Chicken Pasta dish that I order every single time we go to that restaurant.

I found this picture of the dish on bruschetta chicken pastaFacebook.

I mean, seriously. Pasta. Garlic. Grilled chicken. Drizzled with a balsamic reduction. My idea of a perfect meal–before the Whole 30, that is.

I decided to have the chicken without the pasta or the garlic bread and see if it cured the hankering I’d had for this dish [and anything else with garlic and pasta].

Just a skinless, boneless chicken breast in the oven with a sprinkle of salt and pepper. 375 degrees for around 40 minutes [it was probably done earlier, but I like to be sure my meat is cooked]. The marinara I had in the fridge plus a balsamic reduction and voila! Just what I was hungry for and I felt much better.

Pretty sure I didn’t drink enough water today, but I’ve made up it as much as I can this evening. Tomorrow, my oldest has an open house at her new high school and I believe there will be ice cream involved. Let’s all pray for strength, shall we?




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