Whole 30 — Day 07

Nothing overly spectacular to report today. My work cranked up the pressure this week and I am not ready to admit summer is pretty much over and my new students arrive in another week. My days of wearing jeans are drawing to a close and very soon “professional dress” will mean stuffy suits and no bare arms. At least my stuffy attired will fit more loosely. But other than that, not looking forward to it at all.

Today, I pretty much just ate what I needed to rather than whipping up something spectacular. The only fun thing we did was to make some deviled eggs using my homemade Paleo mayo. I’ve been mowing through my fruits and veggies, so I’ll need to restock. If I could figure out how to be two places at once [at the market and at work], things would be golden.

The good news? I’m exhausted and I should be asleep within 10 minutes. That may allow me to wake up early, put gas in my car, go to the bank, post office and market…oh, wait. Who am I kidding?! I need a keeper!

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