Whole 30 Day 01

Day 01 of my Whole 30 is in the books. My goal is to be asleep by 10:30 tonight. We shall see.

Today wasn’t easy. My daughter had soccer from 9-11 am and I then had to rush to work. I have so much happening at work right now, it’s unreal.

I somehow managed to miss drinking coffee today. That never happens, so we know how insane the schedule was.

After working, I drove home and picked up the same kid, drove to another park, attended a meeting and then watched her scrimmage. Exhausted.

We didn’t get home until after 8.

I had not eaten but a carrot stick since lunch. I made some tremendously tasty sweet potato rounds (thanks, Pinterest and Edible Perspective!) and paired them with the rock star who had been hanging out in my crockpot all day. SoDDCup good even my picky soccer player scarfed down a huge helping.

I plan to start my day tomorrow with a veggie filled omelet and some leftover pork. And coffee. I’m already dreaming about the coffee.

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