Breaking the Soda Habit

I have given up soda cold turkey twice in my life–when I was pregnant. I’ve gone through spits and spurts of removing fully leaded Coca-Cola from my refrigerator and my mind. But, I have always given in to the vending machine calling me. Once I have one, it’s all over with and I’m back to being an addict.

If you’ve had similar affinity for the chemical experiment that is soda, I would love for you to share suggestions of anything and everything that you drink to keep yourself off the soda train. I’ve increased my intake of water considerably. A 10 for $10 deal on liter bottles of Smartwater helped that along. We also have a water machine at home (like offices sometimes have) so we don’t have to drink our tap water–I know, I know. Some places have amazingly awesome tap water. My current residential area? Not at all.

Sometimes, though, I miss the fizz or what not.

So, let’s hear it–what’s a good substitute for soda that won’t rot my innards or allow me to spend all my calories in drinks?!

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