Day Two of Smoothie Review

On Saturday, I had an 8-hour shift at my side hustle. I did NOT want to go, but I am not one to skip an obligation.

 I decided to try the Cold Brew & Almond smoothie for my second review.

My youngest assisted me. I’ve decided that to make future smoothie attempts easier on myself, I am going to move my smoothie of choice from the freezer to the fridge the night before I plan to make it. In the morning, it should be ready to blend without spending time in the microwave.


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Let’s Make Smoothies!

My Daily Harvest shipment arrived yesterday & I was super excited to try it out this morning. Day One of subscription service smoothies is in the books!

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Whole 30 Days 3-6 : Still Standing

Never fear! I’m still here…remarkably. If you thought I’d given up, thrown in the towel and consoled myself with a block of sharp cheddar cheese & a bottle of red wine, you’d be mistaken. If you thought I’d spent nearly every idle second fantasizing about those two no-no items, you’d be absolutely right!

Although I’ve had a couple days where my food intake has been less than stellar, I’ve not fallen off the Whole 30 compliant list. Mostly, I’m in violation because I don’t eat when I should and I haven’t eaten enough some days.

Let’s roll back the clock, shall we? This way, we’re all caught up and you might see something new you want to try.

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Busy Busy, But Staying On Track

I’m still trying to stick to more Paleo than not. I’ve veered off the reservation a couple of times and it was not worth it. I didn’t enjoy the taste and texture of what I was eating and, in some cases, the aftermath of uncomfortable feelings [and even allergic-like reactions] just didn’t do it for me.

photo (7)I’ve continued to find and try new recipes. This one, Paleo Peach Mango Ginger Chutney, classed up an otherwise boring chicken breast earlier this week.

It didn’t hurt that I’d picked up some gorgeously ripe peaches at the market for this very recipe or that that the thinly cut chicken breasts were on special at the same place.

In fact, those two little conveniences took this recipe to the next level.

I didn’t have apple cider vinegar [well, I did, but I’d used  my newest bottle and the ones I unearthed in the cabinet made me wonder just when I’d purchased them], so I cracked open a new bottle of red wine vinegar. Sometimes, you just have to improvise.

The husband and I both enjoyed this.

My other discovery is that Citrus Marinated Beets are the bomb-dot-com. I didn’t really mind the hint of beets that I could taste when I used them in smoothies. I just reminded myself how good they were for me, how pretty they made the drink and that if I kept drinking them, I might develop a “taste” for them.

When I read this recipe and the description the writer used to describe her take on the taste of beets (“sweet dirt”), I thought, “That’s exactly what I think they taste like!” I determined that I could try roasting them & marinating them to see if I, too, could lose them in a smoothie.

I roasted 3 beets to start and it took me around 50 minutes in my oven [longer than I thought it would given that I began the process at way past bedtime]. I followed the directions and in the morning, I decided to give it all a whirl.

The result was perfection! Vibrant color, all the nutrients and no taste of sweet dirt. I’ve been using my beets all this week smoothieand last night, I even convinced my husband to try a gulp of a smoothie I made. He said it was, “Pretty good.”

There is hope for him yet!

My coconut oil stayed solid [see it waving to you] b/c I didn’t warm it first and it found its way to the ice. Oh, well. Live and learn! And drink BEETS!