Paint the Town RED

I TOLD you I wouldn’t be able to resist playing with Polyvore now that more and more Grace Adele items are being loaded into the item pool for set and creation building.

I could do this all day, but alas, I am only working GA part-time. The other part I’m doing my day job and that does NOT involve inventing complete outfits online.

I have this Sarah bag in both black and teal. I like it because it is a classic shape, but catchy in its shiny patent look. I also like the contrasting straps that match the Jane clutch in sand perfectly. It made the purchase of the clutch a no-brainer and I need that certainty in my purchase choices.

Tan pants with a red top are standard in many wardrobes (and not just at Target) plus who doesn’t want a reason to own a pair of shiny red ballet slippers?! With the different choices in bag colors, you could keep the Jane clutch and swap out the top & shoes & jewelry and have other completely pulled together looks.

The Grace Adele jewelry collection can be mixed and matched (here you see a bauble necklace with a jewel three-strand bracelet and jewel long-drop earrings.

I love, love, love coming up with ways to wear pieces from the Grace Adele collection (if you come up with any on Polyvore, make sure to include a link in comments! You can find Grace Adele items by typing Grace Adele in the search box on Polyvore’s create a set item box). The fact that you can mix-and-match and combine and save¬†makes the idea of being a Grace Adele Consultant even more appealing. I love saving people money when they are building a style of their own.

Build Your Look

One of the best features of the Consultant’s websites through Grace Adele is the Build Your Look feature. By clicking the “Shop” tab and selecting the option to build your look, the site makes it every so easy to put together an entire new you in a matter of moments.

First, you start by selecting your color of handbag. In the fall/winter 2012 inaugural catalog, Grace Adele offers red, teal, purple, black, brown/natural, zebra and leopard print.

The colors are rich and deep. GA features a full-line of faux leather as well as a line of fine leather bags from which to choose.

Once you have a chance to look at each of the bags, you’ll see why settling on one can be a difficult task. The nice thing about the Build My Style feature is that with the click of a button, you can immediately swap out any selected items (foundational handbag included) without having to start the entire process over again.

Once you select your color, you are presented with the choice of handbag shapes. Each bag carries a lovely girl’s name and features an interior with a very high IQ.

No more losing your things INSIDE your handbag. The handbag offers your a place for everything so you can keep everything in its place.

The pattern inside each bag is shiny and a little lighter than the exterior of the bag. It offers some reflective properties as you open it and search for your keys, phone, etc. in the specially designed pockets. There is even a clear plastic, TSA friendly bag for travel purposes included in each handbag. This interior makes the handbag even more of a value.

Once you select a handbag shape, you move on to the clutch. All GA clutches are interchangeable with any GA handbag. You can mix and match to your heart’s content which is value added to the conscientious shopper. The bags also look great standing alone. So, with one bag and one clutch, you’ll have three possible looks (bag alone, clutch alone, bag-clutch combo). Each clutch comes with a detachable strap so that you can carry it alone as a clutch or use it as a smaller shoulder type bag.

After making those two major decisions, the routinely overwhelming task of selecting accessories is broken down into tinier steps. You start with styling your bag. You can add a wallet, if you’d like. Then, you move into the make-up bag & notebook category. Finally, you add some fun & function to your bag with clip-ons from decorative to functional.

Once you’ve styled your bag, it’s time to style YOURSELF. Jewelry & scarves round out your look.

The finished product may look something like this:













Or, you may go for something more like this:

Whatever your choices, you can’t go wrong. Everything is meant to be mixed, matched and remixed for tons of fun and fresh looks. The best part is, there are ways to combine products into money-saving bundles. Plus, by sharing Grace Adele with friends, you can take your selections home for half-price or even free. That’s why I love what I do!