Day Two of Smoothie Review

On Saturday, I had an 8-hour shift at my side hustle. I did NOT want to go, but I am not one to skip an obligation.

 I decided to try the Cold Brew & Almond smoothie for my second review.

My youngest assisted me. I’ve decided that to make future smoothie attempts easier on myself, I am going to move my smoothie of choice from the freezer to the fridge the night before I plan to make it. In the morning, it should be ready to blend without spending time in the microwave.


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Let’s Make Smoothies!

My Daily Harvest shipment arrived yesterday & I was super excited to try it out this morning. Day One of subscription service smoothies is in the books!

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Go Ahead. Grab the Granola.

Have you ever paused in the grocery aisle and debated whether to buy something obviously the next best thing to homemade (maybe better?!) or something with more ingredients on the label and a factory birthplace? Was the reason for your pondering the price of the more personal product? I had a crisis of conscience in the grocery store aisle this morning, but I decided to grab the granola.

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My Word for 2017

Everyone seems to have a word for 2017. I’m sort of still trying to dig myself out from the mess that was 2016. I feel like that year steamrolled me worse than any other in a very long time. And, if you knew me at all, that is certainly saying something.

I think, though, that I have landed on a word that would make life in 2017 more enjoyable and productive. That word is STREAMLINE.

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Adding to My Bookshelf

I received an email last week that still has me super stoked. I have been a big fan of Melissa Joulwan since stumbling upon her blog when I first heard of Paleo. Her mayo recipe rocked my universe and the Sunshine Sauce still ranks as one of the best things I ever took to a lunch with friends.

I own both her Well Fed and Well Fed 2 cookbooks and this email not only shared a recipe for Fried Chicken Meatballs, but also dropped the knowledge that the recipe is one of 128 in her new cookbook coming soon. Well Fed Weeknights features Paleo meals in 45-minutes or less. THAT is super exciting because everyone in this house loves to eat and hates to wait. And, frankly, I need more Paleo options at my fingertips and I am looking for something to reignite my kitchen interest.

I love that the email contained 70 pages of the new cookbook and 16 recipes. Who doesn’t love a sneak peek?! If you are more of a live action person, there is a sneak peek video as well. Can’t wait to have this in my hot little hands!

Are Macros Just Food Math?

After a year of working out and only half paying attention to what I have been eating, I know I have reached the limit of my 40-something body to continue to be more fit than fat. I have lost weight and I have been maintaining. But, I’m kind of to the point that I would like to go ahead and not see a loss of firmness around my middle if I have to miss a few gym appointments. Annoying.

I have heard about macros and counting them and all that, but I have never completed more than a cursory Google search to understand what all the letters stand for in the acronyms. Once I knew most of my personal numbers that needed slotted into a macro calculator, I, of course, plugged them into one. So now, I have ordered my personal macro blueprint and I am still not sure what I will do with that information once I have it. I see where I should consider downloading a tracking app [I should have bought the iPhone with more storage…total lapse in judgment] as well as purchasing a food scale.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 11.27.52 PMIt seems like at some point in the next day or so, my mind will start racing about whether or not I will be able to master this mathematical-sounding approach to being flexible in my fitness.

It isn’t lost on me that I was reading about this during my lunch hour while I ate Jif on white bread–so help me GOD if you just silently judged me, I can’t EVEN with you right now!–but this wouldn’t be the first time I know better, but didn’t do better.

What is the hubbub with macros? Do you count them? Do you use a tracker app? Are there good sources online or otherwise that really helped you start your macro mastering?

Do you have a food scale? Is one like this adequate? It doesn’t even cost $12, but it has a bunch of positive reviews…

Reasonable Price and Good Reviews, so should I order it?

I’m willing to learn and I think this could be my next level fitness coming to call. So, help a sister out & give me the full report.

Not a Morning Person

If only the day started at 10 a.m., then I would be a morning person.

I used to be a morning person. I worked in early a.m. radio as a part-time gig and I would go in super early, do the morning drive time and then head to class. Sure, it was a drag to go to bed early, but I managed.

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I Love a Good Dinner

Today was a super busy day at work including a last-minute voluntold luncheon attendance. Luncheons are awesome, but when you’re trying to be compliant to a pretty healthy eating path, they can be torture. I successfully managed to avoid shoving a slice of pecan pie into my face…pretty much only because there was a steady stream of speakers and to eat the pie, I would have had to turn my back to the podium. Before I knew it, the luncheon was over and my pitifully never-filled coffee cup and lonely piece of pie just sat there staring at me mournfully. Oh, well. Bonus for me.

Because of the luncheon [which was lovely, by the way], another ceremony in the afternoon AND my absent planner [which I left at HOME], I was discombobulated schedule-wise all day. I even managed to leave work too late to make it to my regularly scheduled gym workout. Luckily, I managed to slide into the last Pure Barre class of the day, so all was not lost.

When I came home, my husband was in the middle of using the recipe I’d sent him earlier in the day. Remember when I said I sent a hungry man to the grocery the other day? Yep. In addition to the turkey legs, he came home with gigantic pork chops.

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Cold Stay Home Day

I always loved how my kids’ teachers in preschool would differentiate the weekend or holidays as “stay home days.” Today was a stay home day which was a blessing because it was so frigid outside and because my youngest was feeling under the weather. Tomorrow, the oldest already has a two-hour delay. I’m sure the youngest’s school will call with a similar delay, but wait until 6 a.m.–and I’ll lie awake 30 more minutes before having to climb from bed to prep for work.

Speaking of prep, today I did some food prepping with more to come.

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Taking On The Challenge

January has passed the halfway point. Our household is in full, new year swing. We’ve been organizing some things, restarting some activities that were on winter hiatus, and my husband and I started the Advocare 24-Day All-In Challenge last week. He started on the 11th with the rest of the nation and I started the 12th [because I was too busy trying to have him ready to go–him working overnights & having lots of self-imposed food restrictions that make absolutely no sense to normal humans made it more onerous than I had imagined it could be]. Luckily, my youngest daughter is all about helping in the kitchen and adding her very agile hands to making sure Mom is ready to go when it’s time to take her to school. I would not have started Tuesday if not for her.

But, we’ve been on track since and have successfully avoided the fully anticipated, yet always horrendous, 3-5 day overwhelming carb cravings. I always wonder why, after living through that detox, I choose to eat sugar and gluten by the truckload again, but I have. Right now, though? I’m seven days into my twenty-four and feeling particularly good about it.

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