Finding My Best Wine

I admit it. I am not a beer girl. Oh, sure, I will drink beer if that is the only choice, but it isn’t my number one pick. I enjoy things like gin and bourbon more than the average bear, I’m sure, but in my book, you cannot beat a nice glass of wine. Whether it’s to sip while reading a book or as a partner to a nice meal, I do enjoy wine.

While I enjoy wine and I admire those who set out to learn all about wine, I am not one of those people (yet). My resources are stretched thin as it is, so if I can rely on others to recommend good wines to me, I am all about it.

When I saw a sponsored article on Twitter about Bright Cellars, I was intrigued. I have enjoyed quizzes since I subscribed to Cosmo, so taking a quiz to figure out my best wine matches sounded like fun. So, I did it and then began to receive email from the company with offers to try their subscription service. And, much like Blue Apron, this subscription service finally hit my price sweet spot and I jumped on one of the offers.

I found the ordering process super easy. The only snag for me was missing my FedEx guy a couple times as someone who is of age must sign for the delivery. Worst case scenario, I would have gone to the FedEx hub and picked up my shipment. It didn’t come to that on my first delivery, though, as my husband found himself at home on the day of the last delivery attempt.

My shipment comes with four wines. My general preference is “mostly reds, but will try an interesting white.” The selections for me are based on my original quiz results, plus the rankings I give to the wines they send each time. In this way, they hone in and find the perfect wines for me. I have enjoyed my first shipment very much. I’m looking forward to my current month’s shipment, and I have already skipped November’s because I have enough bottles for now.

Here are my takes on the pros and cons of this service:

Pros:  TASTY WINE; Easy to use website ; picks are customized to your tastes; fast and efficient customer service; wine delivered, so you always have a few bottles on hand; reasonably priced (average of $15/bottle); availability of favorites to order anytime.

Cons: Could forget to skip a shipment when you meant to do so; someone needs to sign for package; and…I can’t think of anything else. It’s wine, what’s not to like!

If you decide to try Bright Cellars, you are welcome to use my referral code. Even if you decide it isn’t for you, feel free to share my referral code with your friends who may want to try a customized subscription wine service–I can use it toward Bright Cellar bonus bottles!


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