Day Two of Smoothie Review

On Saturday, I had an 8-hour shift at my side hustle. I did NOT want to go, but I am not one to skip an obligation.

 I decided to try the Cold Brew & Almond smoothie for my second review.

My youngest assisted me. I’ve decided that to make future smoothie attempts easier on myself, I am going to move my smoothie of choice from the freezer to the fridge the night before I plan to make it. In the morning, it should be ready to blend without spending time in the microwave.


Today’s smoothie looked much more like I had expected–discernible cubes in the cup.

The smell that emanated from this cup once I pulled off the plastic seal was nothing short of amazing. If you love coffee like I do, this will surely be a favorite.

I rarely have to to make & drink hot coffee before my side hustle because I tend to sleep until the last possible minute. And coffee doesn’t cool enough on my short drive. It’s for everyone’s safety that I drink coffee, though, so this smoothie is perfect.

I used the other half of my canned coconut milk to blend with the frozen cup contents. It came out beautifully–but only after some microwave time to thaw the cup contents a bit.


Once in the cup, I put the lid on, pushed a straw in and tried it.

It. Was. Delicious.

I could not taste the banana at all which was nice. I definitely could taste the cacao. The coffee tasted rich without being bitter. I definitely think either an almond milk or full-fat coconut milk is the way to go.

The sea salt should be congratulated for bringing out the cacao!

This will definitely be put into heavy rotation when I re-order smoothies for next time. It gave me the boost I look for from caffeine and carried me through my physically taxing day without me becoming ravenous by dinner time.

I would drink this every day!

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