Three Things I Am Adding To My Life

After having been on this planet for four-and-a-half decades, it now seems that my body is teaching me lessons I was loathed to learn in my 20’s or even 30’s. Being a hard-charger who rarely says “No” to a task and saw resting as weakness, it has been difficult to realize that my body is no longer willing to stay quiet when I abuse its many delicate systems. I’ve decided to make some changes, and keep other recent changes going, so that I can make sure my body doesn’t call it quits before I am ready to go.

Maybe you can benefit from adding some things too?

First, I am adding information. I admit it: I am an information junkie. I research pretty much anything that catches my attention, but I do not always incorporate what I have learned into my life. Case in point–my adrenal system is under siege and has been for YEARS. I am sure it has done my system no favors and it is time to be serious about making some major repairs. I am learning about my adrenal system and how to support it as it heals. I have found some great resources including, Dr. Aviva Romm, who has a new book I will be reading and adaptogens I will be purchasing. And because both my mom and sister have thyroid issues, I will not be surprised if I find that I do as well.

Second, I am adding breaks. Even a couple years ago, the idea of lying down simply because I was tired seemed ludicrous. Now? I will work in a nap when I feel I need one. I will lie down for a little bit when I arrive home from work. I will even take circuitous routes rather than direct ones so that I can enjoy a little more time to just “be” rather than to just “do.” I have given myself permission to sit still and read–something I have not done in ages. I sit down and eat rather than standing at the counter in the kitchen. Is my house spotless with all these new breaks? No. But it was not before either, so why worry about it?

Third, I am adding more good stuff. Before this month ends, I will be resetting my menu so it includes more real food–chemical shit storms should not be the norm. It is also time to return to a regular exercise routine and make sure I am taking care of my skin. More essential oil and no artificially fragrant products. Being more conscientious without berating myself or stressing myself out can only help.

Are you adding anything in 2017 to make it a better year for you?

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