Black Friday Cometh

I have been an online shopper since before online shopping was convenient and mainstream. I shy away from crowds and those times of year when shopping is just too peopley. So, how I find myself working in the belly of the beast by choice this holiday season is beyond me.

I took the plunge. I’m a seasonal sales associate at an extremely popular department store and I will be working on Thanksgiving and Black Friday.

screen-shot-2016-11-23-at-10-58-27-pmI started working this side gig ten days ago. I have enjoyed it so far–it’s the answer to a mother’s pet peeves. I mean, I’m finally being paid to pick up clothes from the floor and fold piles of laundry. But, in all honesty, I know that it comes at an odd time–when I’m trying to reset my health not only on the outside, but also the inside.

But, sometimes, mom has to take one for the team and I am following all the budget gurus advice about bringing in as much income as you can when you have the chance. I like that we will be paid each week; a couple hundred extra dollars every Friday will be nice given that my children have some fabulous trips planned in the new year. Each has a class trip to DC and the youngest is headed to Florida with her soccer team. That plus the youngest playing ice hockey–the smelliest and most expensive sport on the planet–has put a strain on the budget. Not that I’m accompanying them on any of these trips, but that’s the way it goes.

While it may end up helping our financial bottom line, I need to become better organized so it doesn’t derail my healthier lifestyle. Three target areas for keeping myself on a healthy path are affected by my second job. If I outline the three areas and the challenges, maybe you can help me identify some ways to meet the challenges?

Sleep: This is the first of three things that I have tried to improve to stay healthy. It has always been one of my hardest areas. This new job has challenged my energy level as I have had trouble winding down when I end my shift which makes it hard to get up in the morning! And, even if I’m exhausted enough to sleep right away, my husband’s snoring can usually offset that plan pretty quickly. It’s hard to sleep when you are running through scenes for your audition for the television show Snapped.

I know my hours of sleep may be affected (especially when I work until midnight and have to be up for my full-time job in the morning), but what are your best ideas for making those hours count?

Exercise: I would not be surprised if my trainer has not requested that my face be put on a milk carton by now. I feel like I have not worked out in nearly a month. My plan is to hit the gym this Saturday and Sunday when I am off, but I know that once I do, I’ll be down for the count. My muscle memory equates to “Oh. I remember this. It hurts. We already hurt from stooping over to fold sweater and carrying armloads of clothes laden hangers. We will make you pay, woman!” Aside from doing pull-ups in the dressing rooms and burpees in the athletic wear section, what would be a good way to make sure I am not spending all my new cash buying bigger clothes? How do you fit in workouts when you are working 14 hour days?

Healthy Eating: I had my meal planning and such down to a science. Now? Not so much. I have eaten more restaurant food for lunch and skipped more dinners in the past 10 days than I care to admit. I need to figure out a new game plan that allows me to pack healthy snacks, eat breakfast and lunch. I would also like to figure out a way to have dinner handy so I can eat it before I leave for my second shift of work.

I suppose it is just going to take a shift in mindset and dragging my husband into the equation with specific instructions so he can help me do things in the kitchen when I am nowhere near the room. If I can do that before Monday of the coming week and manage to finish all my kids’ paperwork for school and financial aid applications, I will need to see if our store sells a cape. I will definitely hit superhero status at that point.


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