An Easy But Gorgeous Rustic Fruit Tart

When the calendar moves into November, you start to think about fall food. When the Green Bean Bin brings you lots of yummy fruit, you think about the awesome fruit crisps, cobblers and tarts you could make. This week, I stumbled upon a recipe that was as easy as the result was impressive. The only problem? The dessert did not last.

I liked the versatility of this recipe. I find that I usually end up combining whatever complementary fruits I have in the house and this encouraged that, plus added some ideas for additional flavorings and toppings.

I used plums and blueberries plus vanilla, lemon zest and a sprinkle of nutmeg. I egg washed the dough’s edge and sprinkled it with sugar prior to baking.

Buttery, flaky, fruity goodness

Buttery, flaky, fruity goodness

As for the dough itself, it was heavenly. Super easy to make & so buttery. I’m sure the 11 TBSP of butter had something to do with that! But, hey, you only eat a sliver and you only live once.

This would make a beautiful addition to any holiday table, work potluck or Sunday dinner.

I didn’t make this tart with a blog post in mind. If I had, I would have done step-by-step shots so you could see how easy peasy it was. And, I would have tried to up the lighting…our kitchen is always trying to set a romantic mood by being dim, no matter the time of day. In my next life, I plan to have much more light coming in to my home!

This isn’t Paleo by any means nor is it something my waistline could handle more than once every so often. But, when you crave that comfort food that only fall brings, you might be willing to do some extra exercise.

What combo would you choose for your rustic tart?

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