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PPDesignsDeliveryBoxI admit it. I am a planner addict. Since I was in elementary school, I have used some form of paper planner to try and keep track of everything I have happening at any given time.

I back-up my engagements on my Google calendar, but there is nothing like having a physical representation of my plans, my to-do lists, birthdays, tasks, etc. This is my second time using a particular brand of planner and I could not be more pleased with mine for 2017. It arrived this weekend and I would love to introduce you to my planner after the jump!

I switched to Plum Paper after learning about it online. I loved the colorful, “happy” type planner I had been using and it was still all the rage. But, after three years, the company had made some changes that affected quality and I had grown unhappy with the covers. They switched from a well-constructed, durable cover to interchangeable covers. What this meant was the cover’s durability suffered greatly and within weeks of carrying the planner, my cover was flapping, flopping, peeling and looking horrible. Because I spend an inordinate amount of time selecting the cover design and colors and the planner was already $50, I could not see spending more money every few weeks to replace the cover. With the planner as it were, I couldn’t go into a meeting with that mess, so in August of last year, I put that planner down [with five months of unused pages] and began using my Plum Paper planner that I ordered with an 18-month time span.

To increase my personalization even more, I removed the wire coil, trimmed the fringe and hole-punched the pages to go into a planner binder. I had meant to order mine uncoiled this year, but forgot before I submitted my order. Oh, well! I’m so happy with  my planner, I don’t care.

Three of my favorite things about this planner are: 1) the durable covers; 2) the personalization options for the planner’s layout and 3) the add-ins that can offer even further personalization. {Just click on the first photo in the gallery, arrow through, and then click the small x in the left hand corner to keep reading the post.}

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Monthly Pages

Meal Planning Add-In

Fitness Add-In


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