Weekend in DC

In July, I attended a week-long conference in Baltimore. One of my dearest friends had recently moved to DC and I had not seen her in years. I realized how close I would be to her and decided if she could meet me in the District that I would make it happen. I booked a great hotel at a great price. We packed a ton of fun and great food into our weekend. Wanna see? It’s on the other side of the jump!

whselfie_23julyIf my friend ever doubted that she was my fave, she certainly couldn’t after this trip. I’m not an adventurous sort of traveler, especially if I am alone and lugging a suitcase. But, I was determined to meet her in D.C. and to not make things more involved than necessary.

I googled and decided I could easily take a train from a station close to my hotel and maneuver my way to our hotel. My hotel’s free shuttle took me to the airport and from there, I caught a free shuttle to the train station. When I bought my ticket for “the next train to DC”, I didn’t realize that the train arriving & leaving in five minutes would still be considered “the next train.” I had a hustle to the platform, but strangers will usually assist in these situations and I made it without issue.

Union Station was bustling. I bought and devoured an Auntie Anne’s pretzel and then set about finding my hotel. The Hotel George is a gorgeous hotel with lots of fun accents playing up one of my favorite forefathers–George Washington. This pet-friendly hotel had a super accommodating staff that made our short stay memorable. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone–especially if you want a hotel within walking distance of Union Station.

ginbetsy_22julyWe immediately opened a bottle of wine and made quick work of chatting. She filled me in on all the great places she had scoped out for us to try.

My friend and I ate some amazing food while I visited. She had found a small, rooftop eatery that offered over 80 gin cocktails that were nothing short of works of art. I chose a lemon and lavender gin and tonic. It was refreshing–the perfect bit of summer in a glass. And, at nearly 100 degrees, give or take any given day during my visit, it was sorely needed!

The restaurant featured several small plates; we picked out a few to share. It proved to be the perfect amount of food.

While Betsy’s was a new experience for both of us, we also had to make sure that we visited our old standard DC haunt. The first time I went to this restaurant, I was also with this particular bestie and we had just taken a tour of the White House after enjoying a military spouse picnic on the East Lawn.

The Old Ebbitt Grill is a must-eat experience in DC. I was surprised we were able to be seated cheeseboardoeg_23julywith no wait. It was hot as a firecracker outside, but the Grill was nice and cool.

We were seated in the section of a terrific server who answered our questions and made great suggestions. We decided we did not want to do without the appetizer cheese board. An assortment of local cheeses with slices of tasty cinnamon bread plus honey walnut spread and blackberry jam. You know you are in the right company when you can share an entire board of cheese, agree that you could eat cheese all day, and no judgment on that proclamation.

oldebbittgrill_23julyI find it difficult to go to Old Ebbitt Grill without having crab cakes. It’s a can’t-go-wrong dish and when they pair it with something like fresh from the cob grilled corn with heirloom cherry tomatoes and roasted potatoes, you would be foolish to skip it.

I would gladly schlep my suitcase all around DC for another taste of those crab cakes!

The other plus to this trip? Meeting all the interesting Lyft drivers who ferried us to and from all these tasty treats.

The day I left, we ate breakfast at PAUL. Such a nice twist to have a fresh salad with the quiche–breakfastatpaul_24julyand the chocolate croissant? To. Die. So, so good! I definitely needed to hit the gym double time once I returned from this overdue girls’ weekend.

What is YOUR favorite thing to eat while in DC?

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