Do You Want to Run a 5k?

Did you hear that in the melody from Frozen? You were supposed to–go on & read it again.

Tomorrow I will be running a 5k and be frozen, so it seems fitting.

 I will admit, three things pulled me into this race.

First, the concept. Run a 5k Valentine’s Day weekend and another on Sweetest Day weekend and earn two finisher’s medals that create a full heart.

Second, it’s the CHOCOLATE and BEER run. Does that need any further explanation? Of course not.

Third, I registered for this race on Christmas Day–hot on the heels of my five-mile Turkey Trot run and when the weather was in the 50’s. In Ohio. In December. The winter has been super mild, so why not run a 5k?

Fast-forward to February. We have been in a deep freeze for a week complete with snow and ice. Tomorrow’s forecast is for sub-zero temperatures.

Had I paid any attention at all, I would have read accounts from past years of this race to know it has been downright miserable weather-wise. I’m saying I have never run in the cold. It’s been a good five years but when my husband was deployed, I ran like a crazy person regardless of temperature.

Now, though? I have not run for real in weeks. I imagine my body is going to be all–WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS?! when I start firing up the engines. I’m slow as hell when I run, so I will be in the elements longer than some if the 10k participants I’m sure.

I’m already plotting my layers and what I want to take to change I to immediately after so I can enjoy the after-race treats without shivering to death.

Do you exercise or work outside in the elements regularly? Any advice to save me from myself?

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