Five Miles?! Am I crazy?

The answer to that second question must be decidedly — “YES!” I joined a group wellness class at work in late August. It loosely followed the Couch to 5k paradigm with which I was familiar, but in a group setting. 

I am always last–no big whoop. I don’t run for other people. Most of the time I can’t figure out who I am runnin for given that I spend a good deal of the first mile or two wishing for the sweet release of unconsciousness.  

At the end of the class in late October, I ran two 5k races in one week and shaved minutes off my personal past paces in those events. I hesitate to call anything I do a PR because, let’s be honest, runners don’t set records for being less slow. 

Our instructor offered to keep training with us and in some post-run endorphin induced state, I not only agreed to the additional training time, but also to the local, extremely popular Turkey Trot race held on Thanksgiving morning. Did I sign up for the one-mile fun run? Of course not. I joined the other crazy class members in registering for the five-mile run. 

I had never run more than a 5k in my life. I had the day off the 13th because I was supposed to be watching my oldest perform with her dance team. She was stuck at home thanks to mono and I had missed training the night before thanks to rain. 

I set out Friday and managed to put four miles in the books. I felt like a rockstar, but let’s not kid ourselves, it isn’t five miles. 

Last night, we did a “short run” of three miles. The first two miles were horrendous for me but I finally felt unstoppable around 2.75 miles and kept running past the three-mile end point. Then, I spent the evening bowling with my workout friends. For as much pain as bowling leaves me in, I should have knocked down way more than a total of 175 pins in two games. 

I’m trying not to freak about the over 9,000 registered participants crowding into historic downtown Miamisburg for tomorrow’s morning event. It’s not working. 

Running is mind over matter for me. My mind is to busy being a jerk to be helpful. Why won’t my mind just lie to me already so I can stop stressing?

I will post a race recap tomorrow…unless they don’t allow cell phones in the hospital. 

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