Big Changes…

Sometimes people post a blog update after months and months and it is like your favorite soap opera–nothing has changed that much and you can catch right up easily enough. That’s not how I tend to do things, I guess, so hold onto your hats for a REALLY eventful update post!

First and foremost, I have continued working out and trying to make healthier choices. I’m still about 20 pounds from what I would consider a goal weight, but I have come a long way and I can do many things fitness-wise now that I did not think possible just a few short months ago. I have a great trainer that my friends and I meet with a few times a week. We do a bunch of different things so I’m always challenged, but never bored. I’m also nearing the end of a wellness class offered at work where we are doing a couch-to-5k type program in a group. We run a 5k Tuesday and another next Sunday. I also went WAY outside my comfort zone and accepted a friend’s invitation to join her at a Pure Barre class.

Since that first class in mid-August, I’ve attended over 20 classes and I find it incredibly challenging, but even more rewarding. When class ends, I am centered and equal parts wrung out and invigorated. No one speaks in class. Everyone is concentrating on proper form and small movements plus listening to the instructions from the teacher. To gain the most from the workout, you have to spend the 55-minutes to an hour concentrating completely on yourself and making a connection between what you are being asked to do, what you mind is telling your muscles to do and what your body is actually doing. It’s definitely different and it takes more than one time to feel semi-comfortable with it. I was intrigued after the first class and the results kept me returning. Definitely worth the money.

LilyAnother, more recent, challenge I have taken? Being the primary caregiver to our family’s new puppy. She is almost 11 weeks old. She is FULL of energy and her mouth is full of razor sharp puppy teeth. We’re working on that as well as her listening ears–which also have not been functioning properly.

I knew that as excited as the girls were to have a puppy that neither one of them could appreciate the level of work and patience it requires. I also knew that no one, including my husband, would be willing to answer her whining in the wee morning hours. I have taken care of her mornings and pretty much all her other time since she has been here and it had best net me top human status. It was a big step for our family to take given that we lost Annie in August of last year and Henry just a few weeks later in September. Gibson is not a fan of Lily the Lab, but I can’t blame him completely. Of course, his poor upbringing means he has ZERO canine socialization and he gives her ALL the wrong cues. I’m looking forward to some puppy obedience classes and socializing with other puppies because she sorely needs that type of play.

We picked Lily up the last weekend of September and in the middle of the next week, I started a new job. I had been in my previous work situation for seven years and I truly loved my work. It also allowed me to play to my strengths and develop new ones that I will turn into a successful tutoring business in the coming months. But, the situation become untenable and I prayed for a new situation where I could be appreciated, challenged and valued. I applied for a position with my current employer at the end of July and had an offer in mid-September. It has been great and I love my new job and the people I work with each day. I do miss my friends at my old office, but at least they are just right across the street.

We’re nearing the end of fall soccer season [thank the Lord] and with the weather changing, I’m looking to make some additional healthy changes. A friend sent me some essential oils to try and I’m hooked. I am looking to add a diffuser or two to our home soon and I am excited to see if everyone else enjoys them as much as I do. I will keep you posted on that.

This fall means more meal planning, fitness tracking and puppy raising, so stay tuned!

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