Fashion Faux Pas? Totally Worth It!

This weekend marked another military ball for my military marriage. I made a very deliberate and conscious decision not to wear a particular gown because I thought I had worn it last year. Why I didn’t think to look at my Facebook photo album of military events is beyond me, but I did not. About 3/4 of the way to our destination, I realized that the dress carefully packed in the trunk was the very dress I’d worn in 2012.

CavBallWell, that stinks. But, in my defense, my husband wears the same “outfit” every year–save some “accessories” that he adds to after each accomplishment. Truly, no one remembered. But, I decided to turn a faux pas upside down and make it worth my while to have worn the same dress to consecutive balls.

With help from my daughter and an app on her phone [because PicMonkey caused me to yank out my hair!] , I was able to knit together a photo from last year and one from last night.

Notice my carefully cropped out arm from last year–because it looked huge. But, the pudge pocket under my left arm last year remained. Plus, my chin is pretty angular [I gave up wearing retainers a long time ago and my pointy chin that braces helped fix is back], but you’d never know it from last year’s shot.

Additionally, notice that my gut last year was encroaching on my husband’s uniform quite handily. I remember feeling completely huge after that meal last year–just nothing ever seemed to agree with me and I would bloat up and stay that way. This year? I did eat the meal that was served that included some bread, white potatoes and a completely naughty piece of chocolate perfection–BUT, one night in the ditch does not a new habit make.

I am simply blown away by the comparison and it’s increased motivation to keep working toward a healthier and more Paleo lifestyle.

To that end, I’m planning ahead. I have combed through websites and the recipes I’ve pinned from them to create our fruitforcrispweek’s dinner menu. I visited the market today and make sure our pantry and refrigerator is fully stocked. One thing that was a fun little last minute additive to the meal plan was a Paleo Fruit Crisp from Guilty Kitchen.

I decided to swap out the blueberries and replace them with raspberries [peach & raspberry = married bliss] and I didn’t use the coconut flakes because my husband isn’t a fan of coconut. Next time, I may try slivered almonds?

When I saw these berries at the market, I knew they would make this dessert even more amazing. My youngest helped with the shopping today. We had very firm [not quite the ripest] peaches and very wiggly celery, but she will learn. I think had the peaches been more ripe, the juice they produced when they sat in the coconut sugar and lemon juice would have been exponentially more. But, even as it was, it turned out beautifully.

Fruit crisps remain one of my favorite go-to desserts. Even when I was living unhealthfully, I almost always had fresh fruit in the house and what sugar addict doesn’t have brown sugar in their cupboard?! Crisps are super easy to make and it makes a routine weeknight dinner seem super special.

fruitcrispI used my pretty pie plate and baked this little beauty according to the recipe.

It smelled delicious baking and when I pulled it from the oven, all the bubbling juices made me wish it were okay to sit at the table with a fork and eat the entire thing.

But, I didn’t. Because I’m a pillar of self control…and the kids were home and would have told on me.

My youngest said to me tonight, “That’s it, Mom! I’m adopting your lifestyle. I’m going to eat as healthy as I can.”

She then proceeded to remember there were Oreos in the kitchen. She ate two and then said, “Okay. I guess I’ll be healthy tomorrow.”

It was a good opening to talk about how eating a couple Oreos is a choice, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep moving forward with making healthier choices. I related to her the story of my choice to eat the meal that was served at the ball, but that I chose not to eat all the cheese and crackers before the event–I had some veggies instead. Not that choosing vegetables erased the chocolate confection I had for dessert, but I had decided whatever was at the table that night would be my meal and anything not at the table would remain closer to my new choices. And, that today I was back on track–evidenced by my homemade mayo being used in some awesome tuna salad with a red pepper half as a delivery system [rather than toasted white bread of days past].

She’s slowly understanding that being picky and not eating good food isn’t smart. She wants to be an athlete and that means feeding the machine. We are eating much more at home and she loves that. And, so far, I don’t mind keeping her food plain while the rest of us try out new tastes. At least it’s a healthful base for her–I don’t mind if her chicken drumsticks are plain while ours are marinated in balsamic vinegar.

So starts a new week. Thank goodness for a fashion faux pas that served as continued motivation to return to and stay on the track!

2 thoughts on “Fashion Faux Pas? Totally Worth It!

    • melindaindayton says:

      Thank you so much! I’m especially proud of that dress b/c it was a consignment store find for $40. What a steal! And, because of my faulty memory, I’ve worn it more than once and totally ‘got my money’s worth.’ Ha!

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