Finally Friday!

This week has been so long! Many evening activities with the girls and lots of projects at work left my refrigerator completely barren. I didn’t even have so much as a clump of grapes to take to work with me today. Usually, I dread going to the grocery store. Today, though? I was stoked.

bakedsquashlasagnaI had found a recipe I wanted to try. Stupid Easy Paleo’s Butternut Squash Lasagna sounded like a knockout. I’ve never worked with butternut squash before, so that was something new. I watched a quick video on YouTube to see how to cut it and prep it. Very easy.

I used the marinara sauce I made yesterday in the recipe.

I have to tell you, the idea that beaten eggs could turn into what equated to cheese in the final product seemed so hokey to me. But, I’ll be darned if it weren’t exactly what happened! My oldest and I tried to figure it out, but then we just decided it was divine intervention and we stuffed our face full of all the lasagna goodness.

This made a great sized dish and I know I’ll enjoy it warmed up this weekend. Nothing like Saturday college football with good eats in the refrigerator.

I also gave Chocolate Heaven from the Daily Kale a go. I somehow managed to pick out avocados that weren’t quite ChocolateHeavenripe/soft. I will be more diligent about picking ones that are ready to go next time.

I will say I was super impressed with the overall end result of this recipe. The smell was totally chocolatey and intoxicating. When the lid came off the Vitamix, I was completely in love.

The texture was very smooth and it tasted really good.


The Vitamix made quick work of the entire mixture [not-so-ripe avocados and all]–although I’m still trying to figure out if my Vitamix is working as it should. It just doesn’t seem to be as awesomely awesome as the one featured on the QVC demo that enticed me into ordering the machine in the first place.

I think this weekend, given the lack of junk I have to do and the nice weather we expect, it will be time for me to hit the pavement and start my C25k program. With that and laundry, it could be a pretty productive weekend!

Looking forward to some fun tomorrow morning–going to one of those painting/mimosa morning classes. Should be a good time and make for a fun  blog post tomorrow.


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