Moving Past the Whole 30

Although my Whole 30 ended on the 30th, any attempt to return to even the slightest pre-Whole 30 menu has been met with a wholehearted “are you kidding me” from my body. I think it’s official–there is no turning back now.

dinnerTonight, we had a Paleo dinner and even my husband ate it. This is always a plus given that this involved a replacement to his favorite vegetable–white potatoes.

We had fauxtatoes in the form of mashed cauliflower. I used the easy recipe I found at the Pretty Little Paleo blog. That made a great side dish and a perfect companion to the Paleo Chicken Marsala I constructed from the recipe I found at the Paleoaholic.

My younger daughter opted for baked chicken strips. Simply dredged in Progresso breadcrumbs, these chicken strips make her very, very happy. And, because they are baked and not fried, I feel they are a step in the right direction.

We are probably going to be more Paleo than not for the foreseeable future because I am the one who will be cooking and I am the one discovering all these amazing recipes. I found a recipe using cauliflower to make a pizza crust. I am going to try it. It sounds like a fun alternative to the cardboard tasting pizza I tried earlier this weekend. Imagine how disappointed I was to realize that those things I used to stuff my face with no longer tasted or comforted quite in the same manner as they once did. It’s encouraging as well, but a little scary as I wasn’t expecting that!

This weekend was a busy one for the family. My youngest played in a soccer tournament. These were her first games of the soccerpicseason and the tournament is a really premiere tournament for the very best of the best.

It was nice to see her team hold its own though, as they aren’t the top level in her club. I see a ton of promise in her as a player and that makes my heart full.

My little 41 doesn’t back down from a challenge and I love that about her. Now if I can just channel her energy into becoming more health conscious, it will be a good deal. She drank V8 Fusion juice this evening…that’s my first transitional step in moving her toward drinking Vitamix creations that contain both veggies and fruits. We will get there!

Another busy week ahead. It’s amazing that we’re moving toward fall already. It’s my favorite season even if it’s one of the shortest. I’m determined to learn to use my fancy camera to capture soccer pics AND fall leaves. Fingers crossed!

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