Whole 30 — Day 24

smoothieToday started with the inaugural use of the Vitamix, aka my new boyfriend.

I had a little bit of everything to put in the container–frozen spinach, frozen peach slices, ginger, a beet, a whole clementine, a handful of red grapes and some ice.  It was more filling than I imagined it would be and it gave me a great boost of energy.

The concoction resulted in a vibrant looking and tasting beverage. I enjoyed it a lot. And, I think I enjoyed it even more than I might have simply because I made it in such a powerful piece of equipment. Nothing quite like creating a tornado in an enclosed space and then drinking said tornado.

My youngest enjoyed watching me make her a couple “slushies” today using a smidge of her blue gatorade for color. She, like her mother, is a fan of “good ice” that some restaurants serve in their drinks. She had to run the first of a handful of half-miles her soccer team is challenged to complete by Thursday.

I am already looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast smoothie and I don’t even know what all I might put in it. I’ve been pinning recipes and links to recipe sites all day. If I make nothing with this blender for the rest of my life but smoothies, I’ll probably still be able to use it every day without really repeating myself too much.

Tonight for dinner, I baked a chicken breast in the oven with Matty’s Barbecue Sauce from Tessemae’s. The sauce had a kick and normally, I shy from much “kick.” But, I really liked this sauce and I will definitely continue to use it, even after I finish the Whole 30.

I’ve already decided that I will use my Vitamix for good that looks like evil come August 31st. This Chocolate Heaven from the Daily Kale blog makes me want to lick my computer screen!

Name your faves! What Whole 30 compliant recipes should I try during these last 6 days? Lay the links on me in comments.


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