Whole 30 — Day 23

I learn so much from reading other websites and blogs featuring Whole 30 ideas. I’m especially grateful for people who stop by my blog and leave comments full of good links and ideas. Sassyandpaleoish saw my Chinese food plight and shared a link for a chicken and vegetable lo  mein dish from Primal Palate.

Dinner823I had just enough time between two errands to stop and the market and grab the ingredients I needed.

My youngest helped me with some of the prep [so it took a little longer, but it was fun to work together] and before I knew it, dinner was done.

Because the recipe serves 4-6, I have leftovers for tomorrow as well.

This dish had great flavor and because of the simple to follow instructions regarding the order in which you add each ingredient, the broccoli remained bright green with just the right amount of crunch.

I will definitely make this again, Whole 30 time or not because I know my oldest would dig it too.

I’m looking forward to making some sort of awesome Vitamix creation in the morning. I’ll be sure to report how it goes tomorrow.

For now it’s t-minus seven days until the Whole 30 mission is accomplished!

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