Whole 30 — Day 12, 13, and 14

If you had a betting pool going on whether I dropped out, I hope you bet ON me rather than AGAINST me. I’m still here, baby! Just been very busy running kids to and fro and have been hitting the hay before I’ve had time to blog. My oldest started high school with a freshman-only day on Tuesday. My youngest has had soccer every night this week so far.

I happened to have a Whole 30 Day 0 photo of myself because I had my haircut that day and everyone wanted to see the new cut. I decided to take a photo of myself tonight [windblown and exhausted] to see if I could see a difference in my face–that’s where I seem to show my weight the most. When I lose anything, my face usually shows it pretty rapidly [thank goodness].



I can see some difference so far. Imagine if I’d actually restyled my hair after driving with my windows down this evening. And, if I hadn’t been running around like a madwoman this week–I might actually like my face. Ha! My daughter says she can definitely tell a difference. I have a hard time because it’s my own face. Plus, this is without really exercising at all–sure, I park far from the other cars in the lot and I take the stairs, but as far as hard core exercising like I used to, I have not engaged. Once the girls have returned to school and our classes start at the law school, I think it will be much easier. Right now? I’m in GO mode and even 30 minutes of exercise right now would have to occur at 3 a.m. to happen. And, I’m sorry, but I can’t run and sleep at the same time [wouldn’t that be an awesome super power, though?]

I went shopping at Sam’s tonight to stock up on some things. Lo and behold, I found the light olive oil that Melicious spoke of in her infamous mayo recipe. I’ve made it with extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil, and it always had a color to it and a taste as well. Tonight, I used the olive oil suggested in the recipe because I actually unearthed it in a most unlikely place and produced the most beautiful homemade mayo yet!

mayoTake a look at that beauty!

I plan to use it in the a.m. to produce some top-notch tuna salad that I will have for lunch. Tomorrow will be a challenge in a way because I can spend the entire day at work–no kids to run or dogs to take to the vet, etc. So, I will need to be prepared.

Our vending machine has about one choice that would be Whole 30 approved and they aren’t considered the best fat choices [seeds & nuts], so I’ve stuck to other things.

I like having options in the fridge and to quickly be able to throw things together to head to work.

For the first time, I think I’ll make it to the end of the Whole 30. My husband has been at annual training with his Guard unit this entire time. He’ll be back Saturday. I think that’s when the challenge will really start. It’s easier to do this when it’s just the kids and they encourage me. My oldest even plays along for the most part. My husband loves his white bread, white potatoes and CHEESE plus his glass of milk with every meal. I don’t think he realizes how easy this can be and how GOOD it is. Maybe I’ll rock his world with some Paleo meatballs when he comes home this weekend.

How is YOUR Whole 30 journey going so far? What are you eating that is rocking your socks?




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