Have you tried Tessamae’s?

After diving into the Whole 30 and researching more about Paleo, I heard lots of devout admiration for Tessamae’s. Because I’m trying to be uber good this Whole 30, I had not so much as gazed upon the website because I didn’t want to fall in love with the idea of something that was Paleo, but not Whole 30 approved.

Lo and behold, today the Whole 30|Whole 9 Life Facebook page posted a link to Tessemae’s items that are Whole 30 approved. There is even a little “Whole 30” in the drop down menu to help you find it while you shop.  This revelation was tempting, but let’s face it: I’m all about resisting temptations right now. So, it would take more than the Whole 30 compliance to entice me to try.

Perhaps Dallas & Melissa anticipated that because they offered up a FREE SHIPPING code for online orders (WHOLETESSE) from now until September 1. That is, pretty much, all you had to tell me. I also read on Tessemae’s Facebook page that they offer a 20% off military discount through TroopSwap for online orders that I can use on future orders. Troop Swap is fantastic because you can be a member if you had a family member who served in our military. This means I’ll have a discount should I become hopelessly addicted to items from the Whole 30 list.

I placed my first order today and its UPS tracking label has already been printed. I really hope it arrives in time for all the upcoming work-related eating I’ll be doing. I can at least spice up the salad or veggies I’ll bring with some of these beauties. I ordered the BBQ sauce, Italian dressing, Lemonette dressing, and Zesty Ranch dressing. I plan on using them in hundreds of different ways–marinade, salad dressing, vegetable coverage, etc.–and I will definitely share what I learn.

Here’s to fast UPS shipping because I cannot WAIT to try these!

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