Whole 30 — Day 04

It was a nice Sunday for my oldest, the pooches and I. We woke to the awesome smell of marinara that bubbled away most of the night. We both slept super late–we totally deserved it! Ha.

Our plans were pretty subdued–she needed new school pants, so we had a trip to the mall on our agenda. I believe this is the first time in recorded history I did not consume an Auntie Anne’s pretzel while on mall premises, but no biggie. Before we went to the mall, I had made sure to eat my lunch–chicken salad I made yesterday loaded into red pepper halves. There is something about the crunch of red pepper that makes me so happy. I honestly think I’d have a harder time giving up red peppers than I would Auntie Anne’s pretzels. I suppose that’s positive. In solidarity with me, my daughter went without her traditional pretzel too. She’s a good kid.

We decided to tread into foreign territory this evening and I finally made spaghetti squash. I’ve brought a couple home in squashthe past couple months, but I never took the plunge and made them.

I’m not sure what my problem was, but after making one tonight, I’m already looking forward to buying another and trying different prep.

I wish I had a fancy camera [well, I have one, but I don’t know how to use it properly!] and good lighting. If I did, you’d see the awesomeness that was this spaghetti squash and sauce. It looks like a ton of sauce from this angle, but it’s atop a mountain of spaghetti squash.

I’ve also been giving the SodaStream a workout today. That thing makes the fizziest water and I LOVE it.

I’ve also had some cherries today and a handful of frozen grapes. Again, I’m waiting to be super duper hungry, but I’m just not yet. I need to find my copy of It Starts With Food. I own it; I just cannot locate it. I’m thinking I put it in a safe place…so safe even I didn’t tell myself where it is hidden. I’m wondering if it would tell me that because I’m not eating so much fake stuff and empty calories through beverages, I’m just not hungry all the time.

In other news [because although the Whole 30 is consuming, it’s not 100% of my time, right?!], I am gearing up for a big fall/winter business-wise. The company swapped out 80% of the designs featured by Grace Adele and revamped the Screen shot 2013-08-04 at 7.08.29 PMwebsite to include a Look Book and other design options.

I am totally loving it and all the new bag designs and colors. I picked up a Heather bag in orange at Convention because I have a clutch in orange from the past catalog that goes perfectly with it.

I am so excited at our new looks. So fun!

I own a ton of black handbags, but this one totally needs to be mine. Immediately. Like sooner than immediately. Ha!

This new catalog combined with the 10% off the current Scentsy Fragrance catalog means I’m one busy girl. And I LOVE IT! Keeps my mind off grilled cheese.



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