Whole 30 — Day 03

I find the weekends to be the easiest to follow the Whole 30. How could it not be? You can be at home, you can make what you eat when you’re ready to eat it and you can plan ahead if you have to go somewhere.

I kicked off the day with two eggs. Nothing too exciting, but it got the job done. I just needed to have some protein because I knew when I went to my friend’s house, she would have a spread that included some veggies. Low and behold, she had cherry tomatoes and different types of olives. Perfect-o! What she didn’t have [thank you, Baby Jesus] was her world famous hot Rueben dip.

I’m not experiencing a ravenous appetite just yet, but I know it’s coming. My problem is, I know I’m supposed to be eating, but I’m just not feeling it right now. I suppose I should be glad that my usual gastric distress after eating is gone, I don’t feel nearly as bloated as I normally do and my pants are already looser. I’m thinking that’s from a lack of sodium from things like soda and a loss of some water weight? Not sure.

I hit up the market this afternoon and loaded my cart full of fresh produce. The only things not produce oriented were two, bone-in chicken breasts and some canned, locally grown tomatoes. I have a fantastic recipe for chicken salad from my first mother-in-law and it was easy to Whole 30 it. I tinkered with amounts of things based on the amount of diced chicken I had, but it turned out terrific, complete with a Paleo mayo [I used avocado oil], crunchy celery and sweet grapes. Yummy.

I used the tomatoes to kickstart a huge slow cooker full of marinara sauce. I’ve used this recipe numerous times and I tinker with it occasionally based upon what I have in the house. Today, although I know I purchased Italian seasoning not long ago, I couldn’t locate it, so I had to use individual dried herbs to try and create what I needed. I’m sure it will be good and I plan to use it with spaghetti squash tomorrow.

cherriesI also purchased a ton of veggies to add to/replenish what I purchased earlier this week: red peppers, romaine lettuce, tomatoes, etc.

I also picked up some fruit–watermelon, grapes, apples, and I treated myself to some fresh, Bing cherries.

I am a cherry addict.

I will use them in my sparkling water and even smoothies this week. How you could look at these beauties and not put them in the cart is beyond me. They are just to yummy to skip. And, one or two does a body good, imho. I figure as long as I’m eating tons and tons of veggies, a fruit here or there isn’t going to derail my chance to “change my life” with the Whole 30. If a fruit here or there will do that, please don’t tell me.

I will say engaging in the Whole 30 has, so far, been easier than my previous attempts because my husband is in the field more often than not during the first part of this month. My oldest is game to try pretty much anything. My youngest isn’t, but she’s also old enough to make a side if I provide her with an “approved” version of the main course. For instance, she’ll eat chicken drumsticks with us, but hers need crunchy cornflake covering. Someday, I know her athletic interests will get the better of her and she’ll realize she needs to be more open to food found in nature.

Day 3 down and I’m feeling pretty okay so far. We’ll keep moving!






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