Bag Scarves–How cute are these?!

Screen shot 2013-07-23 at 3.25.04 PMWhen I went to Indianapolis for the annual reunion of Scentsy Family Consultants, I wasn’t sure what to expect from Grace Adele.

Last year, in Las Vegas, this brand was launched and the excitement over it filled the room–it could also have been the free bag and accessories!

This year, we learned that 80% of our current line will be replaced with new bag shapes, colors and accessory collections.

Whoa! That’s major.

But, when I saw what was in store, I couldn’t wait to see a catalog in person! I’m especially fond of the bag scarves. Grace Adele will offer two styles and they are reversible, so those sporting them will be able to change their look really easily. The video they shared during the event is super cute and packs a ton of great eye candy into a few minutes. Enjoy!

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