Julie & Julia

julie and juliaIt never fails.

Every time the movie Julie & Julia is on the television, I watch it. And, every time I watch it, I remember how new and exciting blogging felt when I started blogging years and years and years ago.

How that blogging led to a long stint in military blogging which led to the opportunity of a lifetime of blogging for a multi-author venture that was trailblazing and groundbreaking and utterly fantastic. Not that we were paid money, but we traveled to military bases and installations across the country [including Hawaii!] meeting, greeting and learning the ways of military spousedom from all perspectives.

My very closest friends I’ve made in my adult life are within that circle of multiple writers. They are my heroes, my muses, my sounding boards, and my soft places to fall.


Since leaving that founding author role [not a tough decision once it became clear of the planned bastardization and self-aggrandizement that came to fruition and continues], I maintain my good and solid bonds with those girlfriends. My writing? Sometimes now takes a backseat to everything life dishes out daily.

After the trip to Hawaii, I even plotted out the book I wanted to write. That notebook is gathering dust somewhere in my bedroom.

The funny thing is, every time I watch this movie, I am jazzed about the blogging and the cooking at first, but it always ends with the reminder and being jazzed about what comes to you from doing what you love–friendship and love.

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