Having Fun With the Idea of E-Guides

The Whole 30|Whole 9 gang start a new Whole 30 on August 1. I suppose it’s time to admit I haven’t started it on my own and by the time I have myself in gear to go, it will be August 1 anyway. Maybe it’s best to just psych myself up for that beginning date and hop on board the good-for-me train with a bunch of other similarly situated souls?

This week has been spent recovering from and building on the excitement that was last week’s trip to Indianapolis for Scentsykellytics Family Reunion.

Our yearly convention is always fun, but this year topped the past two I’ve attended!

That boost in excitement was thanks, in no small part, to seeing Kelly Clarkson in concert on the opening night of our reunion. My sister, a fellow Scentsy Family Consultant, and I are fond of Kelly’s music. Seeing her perform live from floor seats we snagged thanks to an early arrival for a pre-concert event made the night even more exciting.

The only one bummer for me personally was when a group of Consultants who earned an award were able to walk across the Convention stage to be recognized. I don’t begrudge them that honor, mind you, it’s just that when I earned that award two years ago, we simply stood in the stands–I would have loved to have walked across the stage! What a rush!

We had fun and saw tons of new products for all the Scentsy Family brands. You can’t beat seeing sneak peeks of all the products in person! It definitely reignites the buzz one feels when they first find a product or two they love. Add in there that we had what equated to $200 to spend on those new products and you had a stadium full of some pretty stoked individuals!

I also started thinking about new ways to connect with my clients and made a fun guide to summer entertaining. I was practicing using some PowerPoint features that I need to perfect for my classes this fall and decided this would be a nice way to accomplish two goals. And, in using Dropbox, I can share the link with my clients fairly easily. Technology makes things so much nicer!

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