Still Knowing, But Still Not Doing

First, the SodaStream machine came and it is divine. I am looking forward to purchasing some of the “Naturals” line and trying those mixes, but we enjoyed trying the Root Beer and the raspberry water mix-in this week. The carbonated water is amazingly good. I think this is a small appliance that won’t be stowed away never to be seen again. Because there is no cord, I can use it wherever and sit wherever I need to and keep it convenient.

Second, even though I know that I need to put my rear in gear [and believe me, there is plenty of rear to put into gear], I have yet to do it. I thought perhaps on July 4th I would declare independence from my dependence on things that aren’t good for me. But, it’s already past the 4th and I’m still not doing what I know I need to be doing.

Can someone please explain that to me? I am a committed person on so many levels of my life and yet, when it comes to me and doing what I know is best for me, I don’t jump on my own bandwagon. I cheer on others, support them in their positive changes and even offer my past experiences with my short-term successes. I can’t tell you how many of my friends were inspired to start running after I began in 2009 when my husband was deployed. Some of those people are now running marathons, completing triathlons, and healthier than ever. Me? I’m not even close. How does that even work? In other aspects of my life, I talk the talk AND walk the walk. But, when it comes to this? Not so much. Why was I so much more committed to such things whether it be physical, spiritual or whatever when I was younger? I thought we were supposed to grow wiser with age? Most of the time, I feel like my 21-year-old me would be wanting to kick my current me’s behind.

So, if I were the person my 21-year-old self was, I would get up in the morning, snap some hideous “before” pictures of myself, make myself an omelet, go for a walk/run, finalize a meal plan, hit the market, and start on this journey to losing more weight than I ever imagined I would need to lose to be healthy. I guess “stay tuned” is cliche, but that’s all I have.

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