I Blame Uncle Si

I will admit it.

Elf Si pouring TeaThe first few episodes of Duck Dynasty that I watched were viewed begrudgingly. Once I’d viewed those episodes, though, I found myself tuning in and enjoying the time spent watching. The next thing I knew, missing a show disappointed me. We were then DVR’ing episodes and currently find ourselves counting the days until new episodes air. In the meantime, we contentedly watch reruns over and over.

What I had not anticipated, however, was a rekindling of my love of iced tea. Uncle Si, one of the family members in Duck Dynasty, drinks iced tea with wild abandon. His constant companion, a vintage 16 oz. Tupperware tumbler, never leaves his hands. In fact, in one episode when he’d misplaced it, he became so angry thinking someone in the duck call room had purposely hid his tumbler that he quit his job.

He carries his tea supply in a plastic jug. He’s serious about his beverage.

I am already serious about one beverage — Dunkin’ Donuts black coffee. That’s a post for another day, however.

For today, let us concentrate on the rekindling of my unquenchable desire for iced tea. I’ve been good, though, as I could go hog wild making sweet tea all the live long day, but my waistline and teeth are already screaming mercy from the other transgressions of my food/drink choices.

I own an iced tea maker that will make an entire 2-quart pitcher (unlike my Keurig which will make one perfect glass) in minutes. In fact, I may own more than one–that would explain the inordinate amount of 2-quart pitchers I have in my house icedteapitcherthat match the maker.

Just some ice, some water, some teabags and VOILA! TEA!

Thanks to Duck Dynasty’s Uncle Si, I am pretty positive that I have made more iced tea in the past couple months than I’ve made in several years combined.

Although it isn’t good for you like drinking water, I can’t beat the fact that it’s practically free [an entire box of teabags lasts forever and isn’t expensive], chemical-free, and nearly free of any kind of trash–no bottles to recycle or whatever.

And it tastes good.

So, yeah.

I’m now not only hopelessly addicted to coffee, I can add iced tea to my list.

Thanks, Si.


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