Holiday Hangover

2012-12-26_14-50-11_800As the first month of the new year draws to a close, I realize that my enthusiasm for 2013 has not translated into much progress. Oh, sure, I revamped my bedroom by closing my fashion museum [my clothing no longer lies about as if on display], purging my closets & finding a bunch of clothes I’d completely forgotten. I’ve also been busy assisting recent graduates in preparing for February’s bar exam. Somehow, though, I’ve continued to wrap myself in the haze of the holidays and I’ve neglected to truly turn my desire for progress into actual progress.

I have not gone running yet this year.

I have not begun my new notebook for the year that is set to help me reach my business goals.

I have not begun reading or finishing any books for my annual reading goal.

I have not put together all my business receipts and records so my accountant can work her magic.

In my analysis (rationalization?) of this phenomenon, I concluded that since 2009, my little family ricocheted off the walls of life. We experienced more in that three year span of time than some families experience in a lifetime. At the close of 2012, most every loose end tied itself. After you live like that for so long, however, you remain under the impression that even tightly tied shoes drop.

We have so much to look forward to this year. My husband started a new job after nearly 20 years with the same employer. My oldest is finishing her junior high career, looking forward to high school, and following in Mom’s footsteps by launching her own business. My youngest is committed to academic success in her final quarters of 4th grade and I am committed to helping her reach it. My plan remains taking my business by storm, helping my daughter in her new endeavor, making memories with my kids and upping the passage rate of the first time bar takers with whom I work.

I guess three weeks is long enough to hibernate. It’s time for the opening bell to ring and for me to charge from my corner and take on 2013.

I refuse to have resolutions. I commit to objectives, plans and goals. First up? Kicking my own butt & starting this party!

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