Fearless Hockey Girl

I have to remind myself that I am the mother of a naturally gifted athlete. I never experienced that ease, coordination and drive in all my life. Although I’m competitive, I fought my body to do what I wanted it to do. My youngest never stopped moving in utero. I wondered what she was doing in there and, after she was born, I saw it with my own eyes. In constant motion, she didn’t even like wearing footed sleepers because they constricted her movement. She’d let her Daddy swaddle her, but no one else. She learned how to take off her own socks when she “found her feet” as an infant in her bouncy seat. She climbed the staircase before she could walk. She dribbled a ball before she could speak clearly. She reached dynamo status as a zygote, I swear.

We’ve played several sports. Last season, she played on a select club basketball team. It’s a feeder league for the high school she’d like to attend some day. The teams for her age group concentrated on skill building, not competition so it ended up a great fit for her. Her practices and some games were held at a facility with an ice rink attached. During breaks and any time she could, she watched as kids her size and smaller played ice hockey. I don’t think she realized that kids her age played.

For the past few months, she’s been asking me if she can play hockey. Never mind that the child cannot ice skate. I reminded her of that important fact every time she brought it up and she always replied, “I know, but I know I could do it if I tried.” Mmmmkay.

Our family’s favorite photographer, Courtney, told me about an event for kids being held at that facility where my daughter played basketball last year. Kids could come to try hockey for free–right down to the stick and pads.

Thinking this would make a marvelous way of defusing the hockey fire, I registered my daughter for the event.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a chance to go in person because I had to fill in for my boss at a work event. My husband took our daughter and I envisioned her spending her time on her rear or sliding along the rink wall. When my husband texted and I asked how things were going, he replied, “She’s actually doing well. Skating on her own and passing the puck.” And, afterward, my husband received lots of positive feedback from the coaches present–it seems we have a natural on our hands.

So much for my great idea!

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