Why Let Winter Wear Be Boring?

I spent all Saturday and most of Sunday at an outdoor soccer tourney for my youngest. As I sat there in the whipping, biting wind being pelted by sleet and praying for even a glimpse of the sun, I reconsidered my answer to the proverbial, “Would you rather be hot or cold?” question. I always pick cold, but this was beyond cold. This was ridiculous.
This was the first time I hadn’t worn flip flops all year. Last year, I made it into November before I gave up ship on them. Thank goodness also took my entire 3-in-1 Columbia jacket, some blankets and a large cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee or I may still be on the sidelines as a permanent fixture until spring thaw.
It amazes me that it was 80 degrees this past week and they are talking about snow in the forecast for later this week. That’s Ohio for you, though, you just need to stand around for a few minutes and wait for the weather to change. At least we aren’t in the direct path of Hurricane Sandy.
Although I find the gray skies a little depressing after awhile, I think it’s good if we can take some inspiration for our wardrobe. Aside from the awesomeness that is teal & gray , you can’t beat purple/plum and gray.
Some of my dearest friends are fanatically devoted to purple–it can be worked into even the most professional of settings. With Grace Adele’s purple jewelry, bags and accessories, the colors are coordinated and matched without the need to compare swatches. LOVE taking the guesswork from looking amazing!
Grace Adele Plum & Gray

L K Bennett double breasted wool coat
$475 – lkbennett.com

Black pants
$155 – johnlewis.com

Nars cosmetic

Opi nail polish
$26 – nelly.com

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