Fun and Fierce Spectator

I attend a ton of sporting events, not the least of which are my daughter’s soccer games. Many times, these game days start somewhere less ‘sporty’ or end in a restaurant for a post-game meal. It’s important to be comfortable, but also to put a best foot forward. Let’s not pretend that kids can’t be embarrassed by Mom’s cheering (I’ve been told). I like to think if Mom looks good doing it, though, it might embarrass little redheads a bit less.

Again, we come back to a denim jacket…love. A pair of comfortable, non-Mom jeans plus the staple item that is a white, long-sleeved t-shirt and you have the basics of your set. If I have to give up flip-flops (that time of the year is coming!), I will put Keds in the closet. All the colors and textures and fond memories of Keds–you can’t go wrong with a pair or four.

Once again, Grace Adele takes the ensemble to the next level. My favorite Mary bag, this time in red, anchor the accents. From the Daisy jewelry to the Jewel Drop earrings and the Zebra Print fringed scarf, it truly is style made easy. What I loathe about red in general, I love about Grace Adele’s red items. Because this company has signature colors and their items come in each of those feature colors, you can bet your red earrings will match your red necklace will match your red bag–without batting an eye. You can mix and match with confidence when you’re dealing with a company whose main concern is helping you pull together a look without expending effort.

Just one more reason to add that denim jacket I’ve been coveting to my wardrobe!

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