Sassy Librarians Unite

I first worked in a library when I was in junior high. Volunteering at my school library led to a high school job at our local Carnegie Library. When I moved to Dayton, I ended up working in the Archives and behind the circulation desk at my university’s library. I also spent time working for a nearby local library plus worked at my law library during law school. I think it’s safe to say I love me some books! I also love the idea of the sexy, sassy librarian.

Being a librarian is like being a superhero for the bookish. Although librarians may shun wearing a cape (they flap too loudly as you walk through the stacks), you can always tell when you’re in the presence of this unlikely member of the Halls of Justice–it’s the glasses.

Regardless of whether she’s wearing a buttoned up suit or is headed downtown to shake off the difficulties of a long week, a sexy librarian will need her specs to clearly see the book list or the wine list. But, librarians don’t always think of themselves as fashionable or as having a “style.”

It’s easy enough to figure it all out, though, thanks to Grace Adele. From the Tess clutch in black to the unassuming scarf, to the Jewel three-strand bracelet and Bauble stud earrings, any librarian worth her salt would uncover the ease during her research. Thanks to my past in the library field, I know a good deal when I see one!

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