Sweater Lust

I spend downtime on Polyvore and Pinterest. Not that I have copious amounts of downtime, but those two places easily fit into a few minutes of downtime here and there. Apparently, as the weather turns cooler, my lust for sweaters increases. This year, it’s not just any sweater either. I seem to be drawn to sweaters with dramatic necklines. And, all my choices revolve around Grace Adele pieces I own or covet.

Sweaters and boots seem to be the way I picture myself going this fall and winter. I’d like to add a couple more pairs of boots to my closet for variety’s sake. The Mary Bag in Chocolate has become a staple already. I schlep that bag everywhere and routinely look good doing it.

I am also a huge fan of the Unchained Hoop Earrings from Grace Adele.

Normally, I am a diamond stud earring kind of girl. Occasionally, I mix it up with diamond hoop earrings my husband gave me as a law school graduation gift. If I’m feeling saucy, I may pull out some earrings from days gone by and wear them for the evening.

I purchased these earrings on a whim because I had some leftover hostess credit from a Grace Adele party and wanted to spend it wisely.

When these arrived, I didn’t know how I felt about them size-wise. But, once I put them in, they were light and didn’t weigh down my ears. They also caught the light and looked terrific with the outfit I’d chosen.

I think with big dramatic sweaters, my dainty diamond studs could be lost (note to self: look into larger studs for yourself!) and that’s a fashion foul, I’m sure. Having earrings like this in my arsenal provides versatility for not a lot of dough. I like that. Already inexpensive at $20, hostess credit took these to FREE for me. I’ve had some hostesses pick them as a half-priced item as well–that’s a definite perk!

The eye makeup colors of fall fit my face perfectly. The Caviar Palette from Bobbi Brown ($47.50) is pricey for me on the surface, but makes a case for itself by providing so many options. You can’t go wrong with the six neutral colors that could easily be dimmed for day and dialed up for night.

I don’t want to carry a 9-pound make-up bag, so products that are useful all day, every day make the cut. This particular palette is neutral, but with texture interest. Tons of my winter wardrobe relies on neutral make-up, so this particular product might make a great early stocking stuffer for yours truly.

Plus, if you’re a Mom with a teenage daughter who needs light make-up options, you can almost justify this purchase without even blinking on the off chance that your budding fashionista will want to use the lightest, neutral shades to adorn her wrinkle-less eyelids.

If snow must pile on the ground, at least we have all this fun layering to look forward to, right?

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